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Cabin Fever

Well, what a year it’s been. We hope everyone is safe and well in what has been a life changing year.

We’ve all had time to reflect on what’s important and we’re sure the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us approach day to day life and the way we work in the near, and long term future.

This was the driving force behind Bespoke Cabins, knowing that a large amount of the population will continue to work from home, but this isn’t always easy. Not everyone has a spare room in their home to accommodate this which is why premium quality, fully insulated cabins are high in demand.

We have teamed up with highly rated contractors Rynik Building & Carpentry and our superb design team Studio Severn to create these bespoke home offices/gyms/studios offering a variety of different finishes, a popular one being red cedar cladding with French or bi-fold doors. The process can move at a quick pace from spade in the ground to the finished product within two weeks, pre fabricated from scratch in our warehouse, then transported and constructed on a solid base, all included in the price.

Having a wealth of experience in property and marketing we wanted to create an exciting, modern brand which makes people say ‘wow’ and we really appreciate the positive response so far.

We have a long way to go but we are really looking forward to the next few years with our team at Bespoke Cabins.

We’re chuffed with the feedback to date having officially launched earlier this year, especially from ex-rugby player Sam Warburton and his wife. We hope to see many more popping up around Cardiff and South Wales in the not to distant future!

For any enquiries please visit our contact us page or find us on social media platforms Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for your support,

James & Nick

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